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shapes web design service
shapes web design service

If You...

This is me. How do we get started?

This Website Audit is for you if you want to...

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Save money

by planning your website development consciously, making only the necessary changes that provide the most advantages for your business.

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Save Time

You can use your website audit report to share your plans with any developer, copywriter, or marketing specialist. You won't need to explain everything to each individual person.

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Get Better Results

After Web Design Audit, you’ll see what are the strengths and weaknesses of your website and how you can reach more conversions.

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Make a redesign

but you don’t know where to start. When seeing your website audit report you’ll see clearly how you could make your website more appealing to your customers.

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Do It by Yourself

During the consultation I will explain the most important changes and discuss how you can execute them.

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Improve your website

in an environmentally friendly way, taking sustainability and the best interests of Mother Earth into consideration.

Realize the difference a few small changes can make.

shapes web design service
web designer for web design audit shapes web design service
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How does Web Design Audit work?

  1. Discovery Call - FREE

    In a short, risk-free, free conversation, we will discuss which website you need help with and you can ask your questions about the service.

  2. Official Offer and Agreement

    We will send you an accurate, personalized offer. We provide detailed information on each condition, keeping the processes completely transparent.

  3. Audit Process

    Sit back, we'll work on it. We prepare the reports and all the necessary materials that we agreed on. We are constantly focusing on how to get the most out of your site.

  4. Audit Delivery

    The requested reports and materials arrive in your email account by the promised deadline. (Usually 3-7 working days.)

  5. Consultations

    After reading the report, you can ask your questions and we can come up with ideas based on the report.

  6. Exploring Further Opportunities

    If you need help implementing the contents of the report, we are happy to help. What’s more: half of the price of the Web Design Audit will be included in the costs!

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What do the Reports Look Like?

Web Design audit report preview

Web Design Report, Content Structure and Executive Technical Summary

A written report containing a detailed analysis of the website's design and content.

  • ✔️ Design Analysis
  • ✔️ Content Structure Review
  • ✔️ Strengths
  • ✔️ Weaknesses
  • ✔️ Recommendations
  • ✔️ Illustrations, examples
  • ✔️ 10-20 pages
  • ✔️ Easy to Understand
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Technical Compliance Report

A detailed assessment of the website’s technical state. Analysis done by rigorous inspection, not just an auto-generated scan.

  • ✔️ List of errors
  • ✔️ Cross-device assessment
  • ✔️ Adherence to Best-practices
  • ✔️ Compliance with Standards
  • ✔️ Performance Analysis
  • ✔️ Usability Test
  • ✔️ Hand-made with Care
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Web Design Audit - Technical report preview
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Web Design Audit - Video guide preview

Narrated Video Guides

We make a video guide with a verbal explanation for the parts that are difficult to understand.

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How Much Does Website Design Audit Cost?

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After the Audit: Time for Optimisation!

You Can Work with Us

Based on the Web Design Audit Report, we can optimize your website for you.

You can request it all at once, or we can proceed step by step, in parts.

The decision is in your hands.

You Can Do it Yourself

You can also choose to do the optimization yourself or choose another developer. We support you to decide freely!

Good news: if you choose us to optimize your website, we will deduct half of the total fee for the Web Design Audit as a discount from the price of the optimization!

Let's start
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Who Am I? And How Can I Help You?

Hello, my name is Csilla and I am a very curious website designer. That’s why I dug so deep not only into UX and UI design, but also the marketing and technical part of online presence in the last few years. Starting my career as a marketing researcher I already have a really strong marketing base, but I also wanted to be a bit of a tech wiz, because who wants to wait for others all the time, right? As a website design expert my main focus is sustainable website design. I love to design and create websites for vegan and ecologically friendly businesses and any eco-conscious businesses who want an eco-friendly website design. My designs are simple, modern, flexible and fast. What a coincidence! These are the main ingredients to have an eco-friendly and effective website.

Let's meet online
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What Our Clients Say

“This is great! Thank you so much. It is really informative and highlights points I had concerns about and some I wasn't aware of.”
“It's amazing that we redesigned my site and added new services. I get new calls every day. Thank you very much!”
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Did you know that...


of people will leave a website because of poor functionality?

(Top Design Firms, 2021)

Does your website have a sufficiently high level of functionality?


of consumers rate usability as an important design characteristic for an online shop?

(Statista, 2020)

Are you sure that your website’s usability is OK?


of people prefer browsing ‘beautiful and well-designed’ sites than basic ones?


Would your website's visitors say that your site is beautiful?


of users say they’re more likely to make a purchase if a website is mobile-friendly?


Is your website perfectly mobile-friendly?

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shapes web design service

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